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Recipe of the week

We’ve launched an initiative to both encourage people to share their passion for food or drink while at the same time helping to raise money for local good causes.

Juniper Barn’s Recipe of the Week is all about bringing food, drink and the wider community together through the sharing of recipes that evoke memories, or that were inspired by a particular trip or life event.

You are all invited to make submissions, a selection of which will be included in a Juniper Barn recipe book to be published in late 2022. The book will be sold in our shop and online, with all profits from sales going towards a local project or cause which will be decided by the Parish Council in the village itself, and announced when the book launches.

Submissions should include: The ingredients and a step-by-step recipe that is easy to follow, the story that makes the recipe special, an image of the food or drink and a photo of the person submitting.

If your recipe is selected for inclusion in the recipe book you will receive a free copy once it is published, and many of the submitted recipes will also feature on our website and social media channels.

Claire, Juniper Barn’s owner, has travelled extensively and she has been inspired by her cultural and gastronomic experiences. “My hope for the Juniper Barn Recipe of the Week initiative is that the resulting book will be an interesting collection of drink and food recipes which will inspire people in the same way that my travels have inspired me. The stories behind the recipes will make it even more appealing and the profits will benefit the local community so we’re hoping that everyone will get involved.”

We hope to hear from you soon!